I would like to be able to fix some motherboards

I have been playing around with one of my motherboards on a sony vaio
Well I was using a volt meter to text different things (dont know sh*t about what I was doing) but was mainly seeing if I culd get lucky with somthing

Fist of all my motherboard would not turn on / say there was no charge (no bettery but it should still turn on with the ac adapter)

I got to a point where I saw the light pop up for a second when moving the volt meter around, and it went away, played again for a few more seconds and it came on for a slit second again. I could not find the spot again after that.

While trying to find it I sparked somthing, took my magnifine glass and didnt see any damage, but I know I had to do some

I am mainly wondering if there is a guide on how to fix different components on a motherboard AND how to find them on the MOBO.

All advice is helpful!!

Kamal Nuhad commented: intel dg41rq +0

Vaio's have a fuse close to the power socket. It's rectangular and usually white in colour. It might be worth checking that to see if it's open circuit.
I have a Vaio in the workshop with the exact same symptoms as yours (the fuse is good on this one) and will let you know if I come across a cure.

If I do find a fuse or somthing bad on it, how do I repair it? Would it be like repairing a capacitor?

You would need to replace it with a good one!

I was able to narrow down where the problem is I think (I will post pics tomorrow) but every time I use the volt meter and move around areas the power led will come on but it will turn off. It happens in a 1cm area but I tried testing every capacitor, fuse, and etc in the area but can not figure it out....