ok i just bought an Intel celeron D 3.06GHz with an MSI 661FM3 series motherboard. the heatsink/fan that i have (this is a socket 775) has 3 horizontal holes to plug into the board to get power. the board however has 3 fan connectors and i am confused. there is the CPUFAN2 CONNECTOR; the PWRFAN1 CONNECTOR; and the CHSFAN1 CONNECTOR. you would think that the cpufan2 that in the manual says controls the fan and speed would be where i plug in. but it has 4 horizontal holes and my fan has only 3. the other 2 connectors will fit for my fan. i know that the hotter the cpu gets the faster the fan spins. i dont want to fry my cpu what should i do.

also i have never built a pc before. after i get the fan issue in check can i just turn on the pc and boot straight to windows or do i have to set stuff up in the bios. please help thanx


You'll be fine with either of the two 3-pin connectors. You may also be able to find an adapter for the 4-pin if you are set on using the variable CPU fan speeds.