I was looking to buy this:
EVGA 122-CK-NF68-AR Socket T (LGA 775) NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard - $250.00

Recently however I have seen that people have been having trouble with the Bios (Bio nightmare from my EvGa Gfx card last year :mad:) and am having second thoughts.

Can anyone suggest a mobo that has similair or better features for around the same price? Please don't say I can get "this for this much cheaper and use extra cash to buy this". As I'm set on spending that amount, for better or worse. Currently I think I might buy an Extreme processor but I'm having second thoughts if a Dual Core might not be just as good with prices dropping so better would be for both, which most have anyway.

Mainly this is going to be for gaminig and multi-tasking, but there;s a catch. It has to be quiet. My entire computer is built around components with efficient cooling and almost inaudible noise output. Being SLI supported is a + but not necesary. More PCI-E ports is definetly a good thing as well (party why I liked the one I posted).

Thanks guys.

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We have seen no problems with that board or BIOS. It seems fine to us. What BIOS issues are up? However the market is now flooded as if they are being unloaded. Circuit City, Best Buy, you name them.
The "extreme" is worth it. But do a Google search using the model name with "problem" and then "failure" to see what is cropping up.
The difficulty is that you don't know the problems with the top boards until they have been out for a while
There are so many great boards from ASUS, ABIT, and all the others that you can begin your search on the magazine racks. Then refine it with Google.

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