Hi all,I have looked everywhere for a solution to my problem.I have a packard bell i xtreme6052 pc which has 2 ram module slots,the original module installed is 256mMB,after a lot of looking I have bought 2 x 512mb modules which the specs say should slot in and give me 1024mb of ram,here is the problem when i install both 512mb modules,pc wont boot up,fans work lights on on motherboard but screen blank,I have tested the modules seperately and they work ok,also if i reinstall the original 256mb module and the new 512mb module that also works and is recognised as 704mb of ram,the thing just wont boot up with the 2 new modules,I am completely lost and cant find a solution any where,is it a bios prob,as I said the new modules work great on their own or with the old one but not together,any help would be very much appreciated,I am a bit of a novice so any help would be great!

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thanks,I have reset the CMOS but still wont boot up with 2 512mb of ram

thanks huggie I will go thru that and see if it has an answer for me

oops think I have done something wrong,can one of you guys tell me in detail how i reset the cmos,would be great if you could

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