Hi folks,

I'm working on a project that involves 4 net-tops that will be powered from a single PSU. The PSU that I would prefer to use comes from a SATA tower, providing 2 4-pin molex connectors that provide +5/12V.

The net-tops that I have in mind use 12V, and are said to consume 9W of power (which, by my calculation, results in 0.75A). The minimum current of the PSU is also 0.75A, so that seems to fit pretty nicely.

Now, what I plan to do is split each line within each connector into 2, and then wire these into a further 2 connectors, resulting in a total of 4 connectors. The thing is, I'm a bit rusty on my electronics, so I'm not quite sure how this will effect the supply going to each of my 4 computers. Has anybody got any suggestions please?

Thanks, Lee.

what's the max power output of the psu?

just by the numbers you should be ok. 9 W for a computer seems pretty low, but i havent ever worked with a net-top. splitting the wires that many times, you might run into problems with hiw much heat is being lost on the wire itself. but again... psu's these days usually start at 400W... 36W should be enough to make a psu even notice its being used.