I have a 500GB sata hard drive whose , a plastic 'L' shaped support of the sata data pin is broken(the plastic support behind the pins circled in the attachment). now i'm unable to plug the data cable to the drive. is there any way i can access my hdd or repair the port.

thank you in advance

Sata data cables are cheap, you can get one, cut one end off, and solder it directly to the pins of the broken socket. Check it with a test meter to figure out whick wire is which!

I think you solved it Rik but just a word of warning, if you are not used to soldering use a very fine soldering iron, earth yourself and the machine and don't apply too much heat to the board!

thanks for the solution, but if i do that i think it cannot be connected through an external drive case

Glad you sorted it! :)

how do i know which wires solder to which pins? tehy're all the same- white or bare!