Hard drive on this died and machine won't even post now. Right after the hard drive died the power light on front started flickering and now doesn't light at all. Neither does the hdd light even with a new hard drive. Everything powers up fine - fans, cd , fdd. I hear the hard drive spinning No display on monitor (which I checked and its fine). CPU heats up. Reseated the memory and put in another slot. When I removed the memory no beeps at all. Keyboard and mouse light up fine.

Any ideas at all? Thanks

check the heatsink of your processor..make sure its seated properly and no overheating...

Are you using the Integrated graphics array or have you populated the AGP slot with another card for video? If you happy that the video subsystem is not the problem (this is virtually the first thing the BIOS looks for after the POST) remove the RAM (assuming you have 1GB max allowed on the VIA PRO board) and replace one DIMM at a time, trying to boot at each step. While the question mark over the HDD is there, try to boot from the recovery disk or windows intstallation disk. Hope this helps