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I was chatting on skype and MSN one night with a friend and all of a sudden my USB mouse tablet stopped responding, everything else kept going fine, so i rebooted. Now when the computer posts it returns an error saying something to the effect of "DRAM timing is too tightly, load default" (not my grammar, thiers)

anyway, i restored all the default bios settings and tried again and it still returned the error. However i can boot past it if i hit any key, the machines performance doesnt seem to be and different now other than that error on post. this just started tonight, i havent made any software or hardware changes at all in the past 5 months or so.. what gives?? its a custom built machine i can provide specs if needed..

thanks in advance!!

EDIT: i forgot, also when i try to use the reset button on the case or try to reboot, the computer will go down and make an attempt to restart but it will hang on a black screen and the DVD-RW drive will attempt a seek every 2 seconds or so.. then i have to turn off the PSU and turn it back on.. any ideas?

thanks again!!

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I have to tell you that your error message is a new one on me. I did a search of the entire Microsoft help web site and came up empty. ERROR: "DRAM timing is too tightly, load default"

You don't tell us much about your system (OS, virus software, etc.) so it's hard to guess. But ... some of the symptoms could indicate that you have a bug in your system. Have you swept the system for spyware, adware, virus's, etc.? If not, that's where I would start. I'd run a virus check first and make sure you have a good program with the latest definitions. I use Norton's AV and firewall and have for many years. I'm real happy with the results. There are free downloads available also for some AV programs and some of the best spyware and adware finders are also free downloads. I recommend that you download and run all three of the spyware programs below. After download and before running each of them, make sure you check for updates. Run them in the order given.

Spybot Search & Destroy (FREE)

Ad-Aware Personal (from Lavasoft) (FREE)

SpywareBlaster (FREE)

No viruses and no spyware, I run norton AV full scans every week and ad aware scans daily. also I have a hardware firewall which keeps me relativly clean.

As I said, since it is a custom machine, I'd provide specs on demand because of the nature of the various hardware possibilities inherent in custom machines.

So... here goes!

Proc: P4 HT 3GHz socket 478 800MHz FSB W/ included HS and fan
Board: MSI 865PE Neo2 MS-6728 V.2
Video: NVidia GeForce FX5200 128MB AGP8x
Sound: Integrated AC97 SPDIF
Storage: 60GB WD HDD - System
200GB WD HDD - Media/Files
40GB WD HDD - Linux System
Sony DVD-RW Drive
OS: Windows XP 5.1 SP2 - All Updates
A/V: Norton Systemworks 2004 - Latest Definitions
S/W: Ad-aware SE Personal - Latest Definitions

that's about all i can think of now.. if theres anything important i left out, be sure to let me know!! thanks a bunch!

While AdAware is a great program, it doesn't catch everything. That's why I recommend you also run the other two programs as well. Use all three.

While you gave spec's on most of your PC, you seem to have left out your RAM memory.

yep, looks like i did... 512MB of ram..

Take a look at this MS help article regarding XP's System Information Tool. You can use this tool to gather information about your computer, to diagnose issues with your computer, or to access other tools that are included with Windows XP. System Information collects system information, such as devices that are installed in your computer, or device drivers that are loaded in your computer, and provides a menu for displaying the associated system topics. You can use System Information to diagnose computer issues. For example, if you are having display issues, you can use System Information to determine what display adapter is installed on your computer, and to view the status of its drivers.

System Information maintains a history of device drivers that are installed on your computer. If you are unsure of a computer's recent history, you can use System Information to better understand what has happened in the past. If a device does not work correctly, and its history indicates a recent upgrade to a new driver, replace that driver with the original driver, and test to see if doing so resolves the issue.

System Information also provides access to tools you can use for troubleshooting your computer.
Go to: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;308549#XSLTH4162121122120121120120

hrmm.. i appreciate the link, however im ot sure this is an OS problem, as its happening before the POST.. im not aware of any drivers that load before the OS boots, unless they are native to the mainboard..

thanks though! this may help with some other issues i've had

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