Hi, I was surfing the web looking at what technology is around then I found the below link and quotes the following:

how fast do you need it? because the magny-cours amd 12 cores come out early next year, and with an 8 socket motherboard you'd have 96 cores, whereas even with an intel nehalem 4P setup, you'd only have 24 cores and 48 threads.

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Then I saw 96 cores!!!. I want two of them. So before I can ask my local computer supplier to custom build two of them, I need to know what the model names of the amd cpu and the motherboard are and how much they cost. Also I would like to know how many GHz each core is. And the last question I have is, is it possible to have the nvidia Quadro 6000 graphics with this motherboard? So please post the details because I'm an interested customer.


Also I thought I would add the question -
Would it be better to get this hardware now or wait for the Sandy Bridge i7 Extreme because now I'm not sure on what to do as I don't have a clue what the Sandy Bridge i7 Extreme specs are meant to be like (eg how many ghz with how many threads+sockets)?

Nice server but I'm after a desktop machine with such a cpu and big graphics too (eg Quadro 6000). So can you please point me in the right direction.

Another question. Can I somehow interface a server blade/rack to become a desktop computer so say I had a rack of 4 of the PowerEdge C6145 then could I use them like a desktop where each blade is like a separate desktop or is everything gotta be done by command line and by linux/unix. Because I would love it if I could buy 4x PowerEdge C6145 plus a rack and turn it on like a normal computer with a 4 normal monitors or maybe remote desktop with Windows 7 Professional 64 bit installed on each one. So please answer if I could install windows 7 on a server rack and use it like a normal computer with windows software etc. So please tell me if this is possible and if so then how so I can tell the techi when I buy it. Thanks greatly.

I would not buy a server like this for workstation use, but rather buy some of the components, and assemble them in a chassis with lots of air vents, or maybe water cooling.

This server is build as two servers in one box, which is no problem as a server, since it will very likely be used as part of a cluster, running virtual machines.
But used as a workstation running an ordinary OS, you can't really benefit from the second half. It will just work as a second pc in the same box (a little simplified).

For an ultimate stand-alone workstation (mar. 2011), I would recommend a 48-core configuration, using one of these motherboards:

This CPU:

and whatever else you like to add.

Both the MB's have 2x PCI-e 2.0 x16 slots (for gfx), and will probably run Windows 7 x64 ultimate, without any problems (you might have to search for some of the drivers, as they are probably not included on the standard dvd).

Also, I will remind you to buy a sufficiently strong PSU for such a configuration.
Thermaltake Toughpower 1500w would fit IMO, but you should calculate on the final configuration before buying (I have only estimated the power need).

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cool. My new computer specs are starting to piece together. Although I would be happy with such a cpu I'll see if Intel can beat those specs in december this year first.

Also I know this isn't entirely related but say I had a graphics gpu (nvidia Quadro 6000) which has 1 terraflop. If I got two of those graphics cards would I then have 2 terraflops of gpu or would I still have just the 1 terraflop? Thank you for the great information :)

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