Hi all, hope this post finds you in better spirits than I am. I just found this page and the forums tonight and already it has been extremely helpful. So thank you in advance for even just taking the time to read this. So let me get to it…..

The main breaker box for my apartment got tripped and shut off all power to my place. At the time I just happened to be downloading a game to my computer. Needless to say once the power was back on my computer would not work. I have traced the problem to my motherboard by using Compaq’s troubleshooting tools and have a few questions for anyone that can help.

I have a Compaq Presario S5314ST and everything is the same as when we bought it, no upgraded parts or anything. I would love to get it running again but as always money is tight so I need to do this on a budget. I will spend what I have to in order to get it running again and fixed right, just trying to find less expensive solutions. Can I just switch out the motherboard with any other compatible one? Do I need to order the exact same one? Is there any point to having it checked out by a repair shop? Any other advice or tips? One kind of not related question, can I use the hard drive and other working parts to just carry over the operating system and files I have on it?(I do have a project computer that could be used for parts and/or whatever is needed)

Well I think that’s about it, Thank you for any help you can give and hope to hear back soon. Thank you again.

Sounds like you need to replace your motherboard. Unfortunately you'll have to get a compaq replacement for that system, as standard MB's usually won't work in compaq PC's (the front panel/power switch connection is usually proprietary). I did a quick search and I found your model on HP's parts website (http://h20141.www2.hp.com/hpparts/Search_Results.asp?mscssid=W7P4LJUFW45X8HGEENKKJXK82JPQ3GUC), but it looks like they don't stock it any more. A quick Google for the part # came up with a price of $189. Pretty steep once you add shipping and taxes. Depending on the status of your other PC, you may just want to slave your Compaq PC drive into it and access your data that way.

First I'd make sure your mobo really has kicked it.

Have you done a CMOS reset?
That's where you reset the startup operations of the motherboard.
This is done by unplugging the power cord, then removing the CMOS battery (it's a round battery, a bit like an oversized coin). You leave the computer in this state for a while, a minute should do, but I'd leave it longer than that, perhaps half an hour.
Then put the battery back in, plug in the power and see how she goes.

Is it possible that your power supply is the problem? (these are much cheaper and easier to replace).

Does anything happen when you turn it on? (ie do any fans spin or are there any sounds at all?)

you'll probably have to get a new casing too thou cuz i don't think any other mobo'll fit in ur current casing...And ya get it checked...Bout da os and files,not sure bout da os cuz of driver issues and stuff but files ya.

"I have traced the problem to my motherboard by using Compaq’s troubleshooting tools and have a few questions for anyone that can help."

Do make sure its the motherboard cos its not most likely.PSU is usualy the main culprit im not saying its impossible though.
Also if thats the case that your motherboard is bugged,then it would realy be a hell of a coincidence for your HD,Ram,and other external components to be bad.

If your system board is bugged you will still be able to use your most of ya other parts



What are the "Compaq’s troubleshooting tools" you used? I assumed some kind of LED display on the MB, similar to what the Dell's have. Is this correct?