I'm running short of USB ports and could change my keyboard to connect via PS2.
1) Do I have to reboot to use the PS2 connection?
2) Would there be any disadvantage in using a USB flex hub?

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1) You will have to boot it with the keyboard plugged into the ps2 port in order for it to work.
2) Nope!


Follow up if I may.

If I decide to get a new wireless keyboard can I connect the 'transmitter' via a USB/PS2 adaptor and would that then need a reboot?


If the new keyboard supports ps2 connection then yes! If it doesn't support ps2 connection then nope.

With my previous post I was assuming your usb keyboard came with a ps2 adapter. If it didn't and you bought one, it may not work. Some usb keyboards support ps2, some don't. It's a bit of a lottery as it's difficult to tell if they have ps2 compatability unless it's clearly stated on the box or if they have a ps2 adapter in the box with them!

Have you thought about a usb pci card? If you are short of usb ports and have a spare pci slot then it can be useful.


Yup, fitting a pci card would mean opening up the computer. It's not a difficult task and you will find plenty of tutorials via google or even tutorial videos via youtube!

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