hi guys
Over these past two months if i reset the pc i would sometimes get boot disk failure. I would manage to solve the problem by slightly moving the power cable of the harddrive that has the OS installed on it.
Recently the pc would freeze up (mouse non responsive, num lock non resonsive etc....). I changed the power cable and now touch wood, i have not had any problems.

Has anyone had any simular problems? and do you think a power shortage was the source of the problem?
Thanks in advance!

ps (Malware doesnt 'seem' to be the problem as spybot & avg came back clean.

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I have had exactly the same problem and yes, a minor power outage to the hard drive can cause many problems. If the power cuts out as the drive is being written to or read from, many things can go wrong as you usually get data corruption.


Thanks Rik for clearing that up for me! Seems like the prob is solved as the system has been running straight for 3 days nows. Crossing my fingers some files of the OS didnt get corrupted :S

Thanks again

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