So I am wondering if it is possible to use 1 Solid State Drive for just the Windows Operating System and another 7200 RPM hard drive for programs like Microsoft Office, Steam, or even Firefox. Basically any application and document. Like make the 7200RPM hard drive the "Program Files" while the SSD just houses the core Windows OS.

I know, it sounds complicated, but this is a mystery to me. If I have to, I will just go with the "custom Install" option when installing programs to save them there.

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no only is it possible its recommended.when you install any software it asks where you want to install it to defaults is usually c:\program files ,folder ,so ou just created a programs folder on the 7200 rpm drive and manually direct the install to it when asked where you want to install it ,there is also a registry edit to change the default to the other drive like D:\program file ,just use www.google.com , and you will find all the answers

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