my father in law recently got a friend of his to install windows 7 on his computer, but when he got his computer back, the sound wasn't working. i checked the device manager, and all the drivers are updated. when you try and click the speaker at the bottom right (volume control), it says that the speakers aren't plugged in.
before anyone comes out with the funny questions... yes, they ARE plugged in, and yes, in the right ports. lol
i went into dxdiag and it's not showing a sound card. there's onboard sound that used to work before the upgrade to windows 7.
if you're wondering, it's an ASUS P5LD2 DELUXE board. i went to the asus website looking for audio drivers, and it had the exact driver that's already installed (and apparently working).

any ideas??


Have you tried to use the speakers on another computer? Maybe they are broken now?
Also, did the speakers come with their own drivers, you might actually need to install those along with your sound card drivers, that could be the reason it's not detecting them.

the speakers worked just fine before that other guy got his hands on the comp. but that's possible that they may have their own drivers. i will ask him if he has the disc... if not... i may have to search on the manufacturer's site. thanks