Hello everybody,

Every time I turn on my pc after around 5-10minutes my monitor is giving me the no signal or cable connected message. I can't do anything to make it work again. I have to close the pc wait 15 minutes then i turn it on again, it works perfectly and after 5-10minutes i get the same message no signal... My pc is still running because i click randomly and it seems that it works. I really have no idea if its my monitor or my video card or even the motherboard. Can anyone help me please?^^


It would seem to me to be a sign of overheating somewhere. letting it cool in hte turn off enables the automatic cutout or electronic to reset. I suspect the ,video cardf... open the box and check that all the fans and motherboard are clear of dust, use a light vacuum cleaner (small ) or a paintbrush to remove any dust;
If that does not do the trick then it could well be the monitor and the best way to check that is to borrow a working one from a friend or try yours on another computer and see what results;
If neither of these thn it could be motherboard but that needs sophisticated gear to diagnose and the repair shop is the place.

The obvious thing to do is:
Open the box (which you have done) and push anything that looks like a plug, card, processor or RAM into the socket.
Power on...does the fan go around? If not, check the fuse. If that's OK could be the power supply is bust. If the fan goes around, can you hear the disk being accessed? If not then the computer is not running and just about anything could be at fault. Second guessing or remote trouble shooting any electronics is a waste of time. But at least you have checked the basics. A word of caution.."When handling static sensitive devices always make sure that you are grounded" and "Remove power before handling the electronics"

Good Luck