Ok. Thanks.

You are welcome, so are there any new threads?

No not yet. Do you know the programming language DEV-C++?

I am not very sure about that, go and ask someone who is more experienced in that. Good luck

Ok. Thanks.

Hi, thecoolman5. I have used before stellar phoenix products and i would recommend to you just like royng has said before. Have you recovered your lost data, if not i can help you step by step to recover your data. Itunes can help you back up your ipod and iphone data. Go and visit this link to learn more


Or you can just transfer your files over from your ipod to your computer the next times.

Yes. I have recovered only my notes and some of my contacts using stellar Phoenix. And as I said before, I got careless about recovering my iPod data. Thanks for the help though.

Next time you experience this kind of problem recovered your data immediately the longer it takes the more files will be lost over time and no matter how hard you try you can't recover them. To minimise the risk back up your data often using the methods i teach you. Transferring data from your ipod to your computer is the one i will recommend the most.

This Data Recovery for iphone/ipod/ipad is very useful!!

Thank you to share

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