My son is unable to serve games online such as halo,homeworld... We are behind a router have been unsuccessful in opening ports. It just screws up the router and I have to reset it. Is it possible to split the cable into two modems, run his computer direct to one modem, my other computers through the other modem and router.


No. The Internet protocol will not allow you to split an Internet connection without following the rules of the protocol itself. Routers, hubs, and switches will split the cable for you, as well as adhere to the rules. Why you're having so much trouble with your router, I can't answer, but let me ask you a few questions.

1st what's the name of the manufacture and model number of your router? 2nd, does your router support either virtual servers or port forwarding? Ether one of these options are essentially what you need to host a game, or to allow connections otherwise blocked by the router.

You should see a table with the following attributes, which you can fill in:
Inbound Port (port the game server uses)
Private IP address (ip address of the computer behind the router)
Private Port (port the client game uses, usually the same as the server)

Most new routers have a drop down menu where you can select the game type or it might even have the actual game. Once selected, the router will fill out the necessary information.

Perhaps you knew all of this, and your router is just malfunctioning. Either way, let me know your model number, and I’ll check out the user manual for you and post you some real directions. Otherwise, good luck.


Belkin f5d6231-4 I have the manual. It has the virtual server menu. I have disabled the routers firewall to no avail. When I open the ports to vendors specs it required an ip address of 0-255. When I used their dropdown menu to see how or if the ip adress changed, it remained the same on all the programs.However when I manually open ports and click apply it requires an ip address of 0-255. I am lost!
Belkin setup type in browser


Well each computer is assigned an IP address. Probably 192.168.2.* The * represents the range 2-255. One of these numbers is assigned to each computer behind the router. You need to put ONE number, not a range. You can go to Start >> Run >> type: cmd >> type: ipconfig Then you'll see the computer's IP address. This is the number you need to put in the area where the range 2-255 is.

Hope this helps.


hi belikemike.

i also have a belkin router and sometimes mine gets stroppy with me whenever i try to connect to the internet or games servers.

when you reset it did you just use the restart router option on the router setup page? if so forget about that entirely.. let me tell you.

whenever my router plays up it always says 'no connection' in red at the top of the setup page. my way of dealing with the fault is as follows.

1. close the router setup page.. let it save settings if needed.
2. disconnect the power to the router
3. completely shutdown the computer.
4. reconnect the power to the router
5. restart the machine
6 log into the router setup page and ensure that a green 'connected' is displayed next to internet status. press connect on the setup page if needed.

might also be worth checking to see if your dhcp server is enabled.

Thank you for your help. I put in the proper ip add. opened the port, the game wouldn't serve but at least the router didn't take everything off line and need reseting.
It is simple to plug direct into the modem.

This site should give you a step-by-step guide on how to set up the port forwarding for any of the games that your son wants to play.

The following is something that can work for you, but I do not recommend that anyone does this. I am only offering this piece of information since you seem to connect your son's machine directly to the modem often (thus removing it from the protection of being behind a firewall).

You can configure one machine to be in what is called the DMZ. The DMZ is an area completely outside of the protection of the firewall. This allows one machine to be outside of the firewall but still be connected to the router and allows other machines to be connect to the router as well. Since this one machine will be outside of the firewall, there is no need to configure port forwading; all of the DMZ computer's ports will be wide open to the internet. Of course, this means that the machine in the DMZ is not protected by your hardware firewall and is prone to attack. In order to add a machine to the DMZ, find the internal IP address of that machine (run "cmd", type "ipconfig", and press enter; the IP address of that machine will be listed), go to the DMZ screen in your router setup, enable the DMZ setting, put the last digit of the IP address you want to be in the DMZ in the input box, and save the settings.

I love this site! Everyones a great help. I'll try opening the ports first.