Hello all!
My Hp compaq mini 110 was showing a bluescreen, after which i tried to format and load a another OS, the bluescreen persist. I tried another RAM on it to know if it was the RAM that was causing the problem. the same thing happen, then i return its own RAM and it will own showing that it has has been put on but will not display anything. Please any help on this. Thank you


If you have already replaced the RAM and no change, I would move onto swapping out the Hard Drive next.
Do you happen to remember what the Blue screen said? No biggie if not.
Also unplug all external hardware you have plugged in.

Let me know if this helps any or you have already found a solution.

I had the same problem too.
The solution is simple. Just remove the RAM, then take out the battery. Then again put the original RAM, screw up the cover & put on the battery. Switch it on & it will show the display.

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