i have been trying to install a second hard drive in my computer for the past few days now. all the cables and jumpers are correctly set,(i have checked 20 sites and i know it is all hooked up correctly.) and it is just frustrating. :mad:

under the system properties it shows up as it being connected, also the setup screen i access by hitting f10 on the start-up states it is hooked up and working. but i can't get a drive letter to it so it shows up in the my computer window. i have tried everything i could think of. please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also i am running 98 on a fujitsu 6Gb Hard drive(as master), and trying to hook up a western digital 45Gb with i think xp on it(the xp is messed up i think) (as slave.). i think the bios is 3.04 or 4.01 (something like that.) :?:

any help would be greatly appreciated.

You need to format it for it to show up.

Right-click "My Computer", select "Manage", and select "Disk Management" under "Storage" on the left pane. You should see an unformatted disk (it will be the one without a drive letter) listed in the right pane. Right-click the unformatted disk and select "Format...". From there, select how you want your disk formatted and follow the prompts. You may or may not need to reboot your system after you format the disk.