Ok, first my dvd burner totally crapped out on me, wouldnt burn, wouldnt read discs nothing, about as useful as a drink holder. So I put a cd burner that I used to use in there, and it reads cd's. But when I go to burn something it will say its burning but the progress meter doesnt go anywhere, and sometimes when I close the burning program it acts like its still burning and all I can do is shutdown the computer. What is happening? can anybody help? Thanks.

What program are you trying to use?

I was using nero express 6, it came with the dvd burner I bought, then I took out the dvd burner then put the cd burner and try to use nero again to burn a cd. Didnt work so I thought I would uninstall nero and then reinstall with the new cd burner. I tried to reinstall it but the cd burner didnt read it, probably because its a dvd. Now I use nothing.

Have you tried burning a CD using Windows built-in burner?

FYI, you don't have to uninstall and reinstall Nero when changing drives.

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