I have a buffalo DVSM-388FB DVD RAM drive running on Windows XP Pro. If any media is entered (CD, DVD, etc), and the icon for the drive is double clicked in [my computer], it asks to insert disk.

Previous I was able to use the drive only as a everything except a dvd-ram player, meaning that I could download software from cds etc. Now, I dont know what is wrong.

I have deselected the [read write] in the properties section for the drive in [my computer] pursuant to the user manual that came with the drive.

I have also changed the transfer mode in the [device manager] from PIO mode to DMA, also as instructed by the user manual.

Current I have a SATA drive, a working CD-ROM (compaq crd-8402B) as a master and this device as a slave on the Primary IDE (IDE 0).

Also, I have tried to update the drivers with no luck.
Despite downloading the drivers from the Buffalo website, and attempting to update them, the drivers still read
Provider: Microsoft
Date: 1 july 2001
Version: 5.1.2535.0

I dont know if this helps but, I have a Gigabyte P4 Titan GA, Intel 865PE AGP Chipset 8iPE1000 Pro2 Motherboard with the most recent drivers. 3.4 GHz Pentium 4 and 1024 MB of ram.

This drive used to work fine before I reinstalled windows and my new Maxtor SATA HDD disk, so there should be no conflicts with the operating system or the motherboard.

Please help me get to my DVD-RAM working again so I can access my backed up information.

Ihave the exact same problem with DVD-CD-R burner I installed about 3 mon;ths ago. When I put a blank CD (or any CD for that matter) into the drive, the light goes on and stays on steadily. Before, when I inserted a CD, the light would blink as the drive read the status and directory. Anybody solved this problem?

Same problem I removed drive from computer and removed cover of the drive, blew out the unit using a air compressor
Re installed works like a charm.

Must have been loaded with dust on the lens