I have a relatively new (1 month) laCie 500 gb external harddrive that for some reason today has disappeared from my desktop. Nothing seems to find it. Any ideas on how I can locate it? I don't want to think I have lost 200 gb of data this month. sigh..... :sad:

Have you tried restarting your computer with the alt key pressed at start up, this gives you the options of which hard drive you can start up from? If your external does not show up here try downloading the latest firmware for the drive from lacie. Next repair permissions in the disc utility(apps/utilities/disc utility) If all this fails lacie should do a disc utility of their own which should be on the install disc.
What os are you running and on what machine?

Thank you for your response. I truly appreciate it! In the meantime, I called LaCie and sent in my drive since it was still under warranty. I was working on a video that was on the drive and I was praying I hadn't lost my data. Turns out an internal board had failed, it was replaced and overnighted to me in one day. Amazing service!!! I left them a note not to reformat the drive and they didn't, although I understand that is normal practice.

I'm on MAC OS X 10.3.8 -- just updated which is what I thought had initially created the problem. I don't think I will hot wire a drive again because I wonder if that didn't create a problem, too.

AGAIN, thanks for your help!

I don't know if you can help me think of something here. I've got the same problem - my lacie drive has just vanished. I've tried it in both my G4 powerbook and dual 2GB G5 but neither computer will find it.

Unfortunately, I live in the UK and I bought my drive (a d2 lacie hard drive extreme) in Toronto at the Yorkdale Apple Store. Lacie in the UK tell me I should contact the reseller as there's no technical support they can give me. Applestore Europe say I can't deal with them, I have to go back to Canada.

I've tried the suggestions in this post for getting my drive back but to no avail. Any help would be gratefully receieved,


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