mobo: Asus p5vd2-vmse
ram: 2gb ddr2
cpu: core 2 duo processor
video card: old one-onboard new one-ati hd4730
PSU: OCZ 520W powerstream

hey guys, my computer just got built and im having a problem. The card shows a black screen when I connected it, hard drive is spinning and the fan on the GPU was spinning as well. I have already uninstalled my display drivers and VGA controllers. What am I doing wrong? I have also tried taking the battery out of my motherboard to reset CMOS but still no go. I know the card worked because yesterday i saw it working, before I reformatted my computer. Also, my BIOS is up to date, thanks.

What could the problem be? bad gpu? if so is there a way i can fix it ?

EDIT: ok so i found a method that boot my computer up with the video card. It successfully booted up to windows found new hardware then my computer froze and it restarted and it didnt detect the video again up the restart. Its leading to the fact that my GPU is broken,but is there a way to physically repair it ?

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You need to check that it is fitted correctly into it's slot and make sure that any power cables it needs are fitted.

Please post information about make/model of the motherboard, ram installed, CPU(s), video board, and also what other stuff you may have installed, then finally what is the capacity of the power supply.

From your description of the failure, it could be an inadequate power supply, incorrect memory, CPU or RAM overheating, using the wrong slot for the video board, or something else.

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