I brought a HUAWEI E153 usb-stick/dongle in last week..
Thay said to me it can be support to 7.2Mbps speed...
but I checked in internet is it true or false...but i couldn't find that type model support to 7.2Mbps.Lots of articles mention me to Lot of E153 dongles are support to 3.6Mbps..:(
But after told that shop & I check it @ there..
While i connecting it "system tray icon" show me to 7.2Mbps dongle connected meg..
after check in "task manager" it also show 7.0Mbps..:-/

so what i want to believe "what is show me to true speed?"
how i can find the actual speed in that dongle...:-/

dongle model --> E153u-1

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Google Internet speed test and after using the test look at your download speed. Don't be surprised if it isn't 7.2 Mbps as their "up too," speed means exactly that. 7.2 Mbps is the MAXIMUM speed capable under absolutely perfect conditions. There are numerous factors that can effect and potentially slow it down like distance, interference from other radio waves, interference from physical objects whether it be walls in a building or as simple as rain outside, anyways the list goes on but I'll finish by saying that I highly doubt you're getting their "up too," speed as almost nobody does.

Until now,I did not meet that what I want...
help me to find actual data transmission rate in my dongle...

Is it a dongle or a USB modem? What do you want to find out?

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