i am using very basic webcam.whenever i chat with my friends online, comparing to them my webcam is very worst .their cam are very good in clarity.
please suggest me some good webcam.

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Logitech are about the best for the money.

I have a Pico iMage camera that works well on Macs, Linux, and Windows. I use it with Skype (Linux) all the time and people seem to think it looks just fine. Here is a quote from a review by MacNN:

The iMage, produced by Pico Instruments, boasts a 1/7-Inch color CCD sensor that presents 640 x 480 (VGA) and 320 x 240 (QVGA) images at 15 frames per second. It works well in iChat. ... it requires an USB 2.0 high speed port... It has built-in white balancing and auto electronic iris control, which accounts for the high quality color.

Read more: http://www.macnn.com/reviews/image-usb-ccd-webcam.html#ixzz1MGEeCF3Y

As you can see, it doesn't generate full-motion video (30fps), instead trades off speed (15fps) for quality of image and color.

Logitech are about the best for the money.

Agreed, i am using a logitech webcam now and is worth the money. Are you able to use the camera at the top of your laptop screen if yes you can use that too.

you have idea how much is cost for Logitech ?

thanks for the link .sure will check and will buy the good one thanks :-)

Your are welcome gogreen1. Any queries just post, we will be willing to belp.

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