Hello All.
i have a problem with my toshiba laptop i have already purchased 2 days ago . when a put the notebook to sleep mode and i close the lid .. then lift it up again the lap wakes up automaticilly thats for the first if i re-try this again the lap doesn't wake up auto. sometimes it wakes up and sometimes it doesn't wake ..what i can do with this problem.. please help
thank's alot

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What version of windows does it have on it?

i have windows 7 x86

You will need to check if all drivers are installed correctly. Click start then type dev in the searchbar and device manager will appear in the list. Click on it and look for any ! marks. If you see any, list them here.

no drivers have the !mark .... i don't know where the problem come from
i have a toshiba C660-162

If it's a brand new laptop, take it back and complain!

when you previously write your comment i check the device manger and i found that the bluetooth device wasn't installed then i installed it ... after that i discoverd that when i put it to sleep mode when it is plugged in then in open the lid the lap top wakes up but when i am on battery and redo this process it doesn't wake up ... so is this a normal process or what can i do ..?

I would double check all drivers if I were you.

the drivers i have installed are : display , wlan and ethernet lan , mouse (synaptics) , chipset , bluetooth , when i inatll the bios driver it tells me that it is up to date.. all what i need is a single option weather to wake up from sleep when i open the lid or to stay sleep and i can wake it by pressing the power button . you said that i have to go and complain so can i go to toshiba procuration and ask them about that issue because really it is freaking me out ..:(

Yup, complain to Toshiba!

Last post is in May so no point posting. But appreciate the good will.

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