I have a HP Pavilion Laptop, Version DV5000 running on Windows XP SP2

The issue has continued for a few weeks now, quite randomly. Often times I will simply click the mouse of touch a key on the keyboard, and the computer will turn off. I just wiped my entire hard-drive and reinstalled Windows XP SP2, and the computer has been working better, but I occasionally still get the random turn off. Along with clicking and typing, and sort of jostling or movement of the computer also turns it off. The only way to turn it back on, is by unplugging the AC adapter, replugging it back in, and turning on the power button. I also find that I get less shutdowns when my battery is removed from my system. The fan is on and working, and I've been checking my core and HD heat levels, and they stay around 35-42 degrees celcius.

Any Ideas?

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I've been having this same occurance, and it's definitely not an overheating problem, however it happens to me whenever I try to access a game, watch a movie, or anything else that requires extensive graphics (even loud websites do it). I'm not sure if it could be the power supply to the video card (via 3v battery) or something far more sinister, but what I do know is that none of the connections are loose, nor are there any other problems internally. Needs me some help!

I dun want my laptop to die yet =(


Your problem does not sound like the one that the original poster has posted. His does sounds like a loos connector which cuts off the power to the device when moved, shaken etc. Yours could have something to do with Graphics card, or cpu not able to cope with all the processing. WHat sort of specs u got on ur machine?
How can you be so sure that it is not related to overheating though? Have you run any tests to monitor the temprature?



just to be certain check the connectio as most person have suggested. and you might want to look into the overheating problem. dont just rule it out without further investigation.

PS when you reinstall windows did you do a standard format or a quick format.



so, after multiple different websites, threads, and friends, i discovered it WAS an overheating problem, but not one that could be discovered easily. the problem i've been having is that the heatsink wasn't secured properly to the mobo, or more importantly, the thermal grease had been 'baked' due to overheating in the past, and poor quality thermal grease. so i took their advice, cleaned the bad crap off, went out got mehself some arctic silver 5, and blam. works perfect again =)


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