Hey all,

This is a bit of a theoretical question.

If my PSU puts out x amount and I wanted to fit a GFX card which would take more power than the system uses in total would it help if I disabled an unused piece of hardware?

ie. If I disabled a floppy drive (physically from the PSU) would the power saved be available to a different piece of hardware?

Thanks for any help.


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of course, i'm 99% sure it would

that is exactly the reason i already had my floppy disabled, and only one cd/dvd drive instead of two
+edit+ and then you don't have to hear that annoying sound it makes sometimes!

OK - thanks for the prompt answer.

I was getting myself tied in knots trying to get answers about PSU's!

I'm confused about power rails etc..


when starting the computer the power suply goes on and stop,and wont goes on i have try several power suply but its like they burn

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