Recently config of my PC was celeron with 300mhz, 32 mb SDRAM, 128 kb cache, 4 gb HDD. But today i have added 128 mb SDRAM(so now ram = 128 + 32 mb), and performance has greatly boosted. I am running older version(older than 2nd edition) of WIN 98 and i use it mainly to access internet. And i am planning to install some LINUX on my system.
Can it cause problem if i replace 32mb ram with another one 128(then the ram will be 128+128mb = 256 mb)with such old configuration?
Plz reply.

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Please let us know what make and model computer or motherboard you have.

Motherboards have a maximum amount of RAM they can use, example...I have a MSI K7 Pro motherboard which has three slots for RAM, each slot has a maximum capacity of 256MB, this means that my total RAM capacity is 768MB.


With my recent adding of two pre-2000 200MHz Pentium mmx PCs to my fold that I've been fiddling with, I think it's safe to assume 256MB is gonna be the max on old PC66/PC100 RAM slot PCs. One of these PCs has three RAM slots and running with only one RAM card installed. The latest PC has a 4GB HDD and one slot has a PC66 (from what I gather) 32MB card, the other a newer PC100 64MB that came with my year 2000 eMachine eTower running at 700MHz Celeron at the time, a base memory of 64MB expandible to 256MB max. The label eMachine used on their cases clearly stated max memory expansion and you don't find that much these days, sadly


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