I downloaded two gadgets and one installable application.None of them were able to mesaure the temperature of my CPU or any other thing.Why is that??what can i do?
It is a dell inspiron 1545 laptop

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CAn you tell us what software you use? Thanks

It was this gadget showed below of this page
http://www.alcpu.com/CoreTemp/ .
Is there something wrong with that or my laptop?
can you recommend a good one if it is that gadget ?

oh my bad!.it needs another application to run in background to measure the temperature.now it is ok.however i need to keep running both of them
Anyway is there any good CPU motoring gadgets which are not like this?
and hard disk temperature software?

There are a few softwares. I will recommend the free ones to you so you can save money. lol

Try this


Hope you like the product, anything just post. I am willing to help you.å

it is great software.it even monitor the hdd temp :-)).But is there any other one to monitor Fans?so I can detect any fan failures ?
Also,it is good if there are any Desktop gadgets for the temperature monitoring (and fan) which does not need additional software running in the background.It will be a big help if you know about such thing?almost all the gadgets I've found needs that external application to run .Great link above.thanks !

You are welcome :)

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