I downloaded two gadgets and one installable application.None of them were able to mesaure the temperature of my CPU or any other thing.Why is that??what can i do?
It is a dell inspiron 1545 laptop

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oh my bad!.it needs another application to run in background to measure the temperature.now it is ok.however i need to keep running both of them
Anyway is there any good CPU motoring gadgets which are not like this?
and hard disk temperature software?


it is great software.it even monitor the hdd temp :-)).But is there any other one to monitor Fans?so I can detect any fan failures ?
Also,it is good if there are any Desktop gadgets for the temperature monitoring (and fan) which does not need additional software running in the background.It will be a big help if you know about such thing?almost all the gadgets I've found needs that external application to run .Great link above.thanks !

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