I'm trying to format my usb but it shows me an alert box says unable to complete the format.
I try to format by partition and still the same.
I try using command prompt using this syntax format F: /fs:ntfs but it only says the type of file is RAW the new file system is NTFS. Verifying 0M. The volume is too small for the specified file system.
Then After this I repeat basic format, then partition and still my USB was not formated.

I am using windows XP service pack 2.

anybody will help me this kind of problem??/

How big is the size of your USB drive?

Make sure you set it in default state

Capacity: depends
File System: FAT32 is the most recommended one but try exFAT as well if it's available
Allocation Unit Size: Set it to default
Volume Lable: anything you might want to name it
Check 'Quick Format'

You want to format your thumb drive. What format type have you choose? Can other flash drive when plug in to your computer be formatted? If yes the flash drive you want to format but can't, is having a problem. If that is the case i will address that later. Try the thumb drive on other laptops and see whether it can be format.

Answers all my questions above.

Its better you do this.
Get any system which is installed with any Linux or Unix system.
1. Open in command mode (Ctrl + Alt + F2)
2. login as root.
3. type this command
#fdisk -l |more
Observe the partion names
and insert your pendrive now.
then # fdisk -l |more
Here find out which device has recently appeared. ( for example /dev/sda7)
then follow these commands

# fdisk /dev/sda7 ( As per the example)
read all the option here
enter 'p' to print the partions
delete all partions by pressing 'd'
then create new partion using 'n'
make it as boot flag using 'a'
then write changes to disk and exit 'w' and 'q'

#mkdir /dir_usb
#mount /dev/sda7 /dir_usb
#mkfs -t ntfs3g /dev/sda7
#umount /dev/sda7

And you are done now. Remove your usb and check it out.

How about my questions?

Maybe you done some partitioning on your 2GB pendrive and make error on MFT table by mistake... What is the current free space for your pendrive (no matter which type of format it is)?

You need to use 'testdisk' that can be downloaded to correct MFT error so you can format it again. This one is hard to use so tell me if my previous solution doesn't work so I can proceed you step by step to help you format your pendrive.