I have an old computer, of the brand Cisnet. When it boots up, it flashes a screen with a series of numbers on it and some other data for about a second. I managed to take a picture of it, and the numbers are the checks of all the hardware, hard drives, CPU, etc. But it doesn't offer me the chance to go to the BIOS setup menu, or even choose the boot sequence. It just flashes that screen and boots up.

The actual computer works fine, it runs Windows 7 without any issues. But the lack of a BIOS screen is annoying, and keeps me from changing BIOS settings and adding new peripherals such as hard drives or CD drives. Here is the information for the BIOS:

BIOS Type: Phoenix-Award
BIOS Date: May 3rd 2005
BIOS ID: 05/03/2005-SiS-661FX-6A7I4M4FC-00-None
BIOS OEM: W7082SMS V1.2 050305 11:23:13 - 6.00 PG
Chipset: SiS 661 rev 17
SuperIO: Unknown
Motherboard: MS-7082

The main processor is a Intel chip. Any suggestions?

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Try using a PS2 keyboard on it rather than a USB one. With the PS2 keyboard, try pressing Del, F1, and F2. It's most likely to be one of those. If it's really old, you may have to press Ctrl+Alt+Esc to enter the bios.


I'm actually already using a ps2 keyboard. But I'll give the key combination suggestions a go. Thanks.


Why did you copy the information from my second post and re-word it to look like your own information???


When you turn the system on, hold down either the Escape or F2 key on the keyboard (don't let it up). Most BIOS will see that as a keyboard error and bring up the BIOS anyway.

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