I have a Gateway P-6860fx. I have Windows Vista.

When my computer booted up and got to the desktop, I ended up with a split screen. What I mean by this is that I saw half of my desktop on the top of my monitor and the same picture appeared on bottom of my monitor. It does not fill the whole monitor. The screen was not clear. I just rebooted and the problem was solved. Does anyone know what caused this to happen?

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I think this may be past its sell by date!!

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when a computer boots up it does a whole series of tests and checks. It looks for example for screen, printer, keyboard, memory, disk drive etc etc. It has to do this in a particular order and get a response within a specific time. If by chance the screen is not on in time or is brought out of sleep at the critical moment of this start up then it may well respond in an improper manner as far as you are concerned.
It could also be an outdated video driver.

May be you pressed a shortcut key for navigator.
any graphics oriented files not loaded successfully..

I think this may be past its sell by date!!

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