I've had my Fujitsu Siemens Amilo EL6800 (celeron 2Ghz, 256mb ram) for just over two years now. At the end of last year the battery packed in (discharges very quickly - it takes under a minute to fully discharge), although the laptop powers up ok through the mains supply.

I have recently noticed that the laptop is getting very hot, specifically around the point where the two fans are located (which sits above the processor, obviously!).

The system temperature rises and is maintained around 65 to 70 degrees celcius - ouch!

I've checked the system temperature using Speedfan, and attempted to check the remainder of the system using Fault Diagnosis (although no sensors can be recognised using the second piece of software). All software and drivers appear to be up-to-date.

Would you have any ideas as to why the system may be overheating? I'm assuming it is related to the battery supply not working properly. More importantly, any suggestions for a fix!?

Many thanks.

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One possibility is that the computer could use a little cleaning out. Over a two year period of time a lot of dust can accumulate inside the laptop, if you have pets this increases the accumulation.

As for the battery, what you are describing sounds like it's dying, a low battery level shouldn't cause the kind of heat issues your describing.

If you would like to monitor your temps without entering the BIOS, download Everest Home Edition, it's freeware, and makes it easy to check temps and other aspects while still being able to operate the computer.


Many thanksfor the reply.

After disecting the laptop it appears to be clean from dust and grime, although I have noticed that the chip itself is red-hot. Perhaps it could be the chip overheating? Or perhaps the heatsink that sits directly above the chip is not functioning positively?

I will try running the suggested freeware. Any thoughts on the above would be much appreciated!

It must be getting late, I just now noticed that you wrote that the temps where between 65 and 70 degrees celcius...that's between 149 and 158 degrees F., yeah I'd say that would be shutting down you computer. While you have it open, check the seating of the CPU, and the heat sink. Does the heatsink have a fan, if it does, is it working.

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