Next day after the lighting i turned my computer on and it didn't work. I knew the grafic on the motherboard was gone (burned by lighting). I though to by a new computer but all my important information were still on hard disk.

So I got a new parts:
Motherboard-Chaintech MPM 800-3
Processor-Intel Celeron D340 2.93 Ghz (with recommended fan)
Memory Card-Ultra 256 MB PC 2700 DDR 333 Mhz

I installed all new parts with my old parts:
Power Supply-LC-B350 ATX
Hard Drive-Fujitsu MPF3102 AT (still contains important information).
CR-ROM Sony CDU 4821.

After assembling I turn PC on and it started to boot. BIOS recognized all installed parts and all setups seemed to be set correctly. So I exited the BIOS setup utility. PC biped and started to reboot. For a second I saw Windows XP with black background and then PC start to rebooting again. Its going it over and over again.

Besically I have problem to get to Windows XP because PC is rebooting its self again and again.
What may be cause of this problem.
I appreciate all help I can get.

Windows XP copy protection sees the new motherboard and ASSUMES you are a pirate.. Good ol' Gates...

You can boot to a Linux Live CD like Mepis or Knoppix (Free) and recover your files then reinstall windows XP and you will be fine..

You can set that hard drive up as slave and install another hard drive as master and install XP on it and get to your files..

Just take a deep breath.. your files are just fine...
You just cant get to them yet...

Thanks Thong_Ispector.
I think it's working now and also I have my all filles.Now I have to do some more work on it to run better.

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