My nephew told me that his laptop was dead
So I started asking questions like what did it do before it died
He told me that he wasn't even the one using it, But that it was friend using it in his room, Being curious I asked him that since he has no desk in his room where was the laptop being used? The carpeted floor was his answer, I explained the overheating problems from this action, and that something was probably fried, he just rolled his eyes and told me how his friend had to leave immediatly
So he bought a new computer and gave me the old one to play with
It's a Toshiba P25 S509 2.8ghz w/ 512 ram and all the bells and whistles
When you hit the power button it lights up you can hear the cd drive reset itself but nothing else
(She's dead!!!)
It's a very nice widescreen computer, I would like to fix it and put it back into service
Anyone got any starting suggestions of what might be wrong
and what to check for
Thanks in advance

since it was on a carpet and overheated the first thing i would do is replace the motherboars because once they overheat and fry they are toast. If you dont want to experiment like that bring it somewhere like CompUSA or a computer tech store and they will be able to tell you what is wrong. Also open it up and check to see if there are any schorch marks (burn marks) i hope this helps!!:)