I have had a burner for a while now and i tried installing it myself and i did it wrong i guess because even witht he software installed it wasnt found. Now over about a year later i am determined to get it done right. One problem, i lost the instructions. Im pretty sure i threw them out due to my disapointment but i found the software cd but i have no instructions. I would be pleased with any help whatsoever. Thank you.

Your problem will be with the way you have configured the hardware, not with the way you have installed the software. The CD burner should be recognised by the machine and by Windows without the software even needing to be installed.

CD drives, like hard drives, have a small panel of pins at the back for which you move 'jumpers' to indicate how the drive is configured. If you have one drive only attached to the data cable, it needs to be set as 'Master'. If you have two drives on the cable the one connected to the end connector needs to be 'Master' and the one connected to the middle connector needs to be 'slave'.


The positions for your drive will be written on the back of it, most likely with lettering punched in to the metal of the drive case.

Once you are convinced that the drive is correctly configured on the data cable (check the configuration of any other drive on the cable as well, if it is set to 'Cable Select' change it to master or Slave accordingly) then you need to get busy in Windows.

Uninstall all CD burning software that shows up in Add/Remove programs.
Reinstall the CD burning software from your installation CD. You should not need to install device drivers.

i do have two drives now that i have opened my computer and taken out the cd burner, i see many wires and i forgot what came with the burner, i do know that the analog audio wire came with it but power wires, they are several colors mostly yellow red and black, is what is confusing me, as well as the host interface. It has always been on slave. The power wire goes from my hardrive, splits off and goes to my floppy drive, then continuesand splits off again to a plug head that has a cap over it labled P3, then continues up to the back near the fan, it splits off to the motherboard, and then splits off to another plug that just hangs there and doesnt go anywhere, it is labled P8, then it connects to my first cd drive. Looking at the back of my burner i can plug one of the two plugs not going anywhere into it. But the question is which one. The one nearest the hardrive, or the one linking from my other cd drive? I don't think it really matters though. Then i still see the three flat wide wires which woulf plug into the "host interface" port on the back of the burner. There is three. One labeled fd drive, plugs into the floppy drive, one hd drive, plugs to hardrive, and then the last one has two plugs coming off one portion says drive 0 and plugs into my original cd drive. The other portion is labled drive 1, which i had plugged into my burner. That would be the only option unless i rearrange those. The finally this audio analog wire goes into my burner then can connect in teo ares a green or black plug near the back of the mother board above a circuit board i think for dial up internet. but below the bottom fan. IM only 15 and not too good with computers and the above post i read through it and im still mostly lost. Can anyone help with the information i have given? Is there any information needed other than what i have given? Thank you.

OK. You need to locate the jumper panels on the original CD drive and on your CD-burner. You'll notice in the diagram above that there are 3 positions for the jumper cap to be configured for. Your original CD drive, if connected to 'drive0' should have the jumper set at the 'Master' position and your new drive, if connected to 'drive1' should be set as 'Slave'.

If your original CD drive is set as 'Cable Select' you need to move the jumper cap.

You do not need to use the audio wire, so don't connect it. You can use any spare power connector available - makes no difference which one you use.

If you have further problems please indicate which Windows version you are using.