hey guys,

we have a very unique problem going on on my husbands computer. Before I post this problem- i do want to say that he is a technician of many years and knows his way around a box quite well..

however, in all his years- he has never seen anything quite like this:

running a xp system with NTFS the following has occured

All Sata disk drives and USB card reader drives as well as any insterted USB devices are all coming up in the Device Manager as Unknown ?

The devices are all named properly under the unknown field yet are not in thier prospective places. The sata drives are working properly but NO USB device will operate despite the fact that in the device manager they are recognized as what they are.

Any Ideas ???

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It could be a registry corrupt since most driver including HDD will automatically update and install on the computer.

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this is a mystery to us all- good suggestion!

hi,cant say i seen that one before either !
after reading it the first thing come to my mine was i would try resetting bios to defaults

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thank you for the help- it is just plain batty this situation!

good day caperjack-
yes, it is for sure a weird one!

i read your message to the hubby and he said that he has already done that-reset his bios to defaults. and i also know that last night he used the system restore and took it back several months. that didnt help either.

he is now going to attempt to reload windows on a DIFFERENT drive to see if the problem disappears- if it persists, then he says he will have to assume that it is a board problem.

will get back in here and tell ya what happened :)


okay, well it ended up being a windows flub LOL
he reloaded windows (not sure if he did a reformat and fresh install or if he just reloaded it over the top)

but in any case, it is now fixed and all is good :)

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