My installed just ADATA 1GB PC2700 DDR mem is only recognised as 256MB. :sad:

Previously I had 256MB and 512MB installed PC2100 working fine. I wanted to remove the 256 to upgrade to 1.5GB total.

I tried many combinations to try and get it recognised but it only reads 256MB in any. Is it faulty or imcompatible? :confused:

The PC is emachines 770 P4 2.4GHz 80GB HD
Trigem Imperial G mobo based on the following link:
I installed AGP Geforce 6200 512MB and the mentioned memory but otherwise standard.

Any help please?

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i`ve got a ei systems 314 anyway its a foxconn RC4107MA-8KRS2 motherboard intel pentium 4 running 300mhz sata 160gig hard drive and it did have a gig ram installed ,ie 2x512mb sticks.so i replaced one of the sticks with a gig stick thinking i would now have 1.5gig of ram ...but no computer says i`ve still got 1 gig .can u please help.


Possibly the 1gb mem stick is not compatiable and reading 512. I would suggest trying only with 1gb mem stick first, see display of memory count and try adding the 512 stick

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