:( My cpu reset button is not working any idea to fix it ? If my pc got hang and if i press shut down button of cpu then it shut down mannualy but my reset button is not working please help me :(

Maybe something in this button broken or hang. Try open the computer case and look what happenns with it.

Check also the configuration in the motherboad about reset led, can be that jumper isn't fixed.

i looked inside it am sure that its a problem of jumper you taking about. I dont how to fix it :(

follow the wire's reset button and see if it ins't fixed. In your motherboard there are jumpers of powerled, resetled, hd led and a jumper for spearker. Did you see this jumpers? So, there are information's table about it on mb. Where is reset, check. If it is fixed, the problem is in another place.

How long time are you with this problem?

there are about 8 pins shut down port is exactly in its place its working fine but reset port is misplace and i tryed a lot still same am facing this problem since a long about 2+ months.:(

Oh! misplace? its bad... It's causing this problem.

Take the motherboard's manual and look the right sequence.

I think this is connection problem in your CPU, Please check the 8 pins jumper and change the connection of jumper.

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