So I have two different USB midi controllers that I use...the only problem is that they both show up as "USB Audio Device," so the first one that gets plugged in is "USB Audio Device" and the second one is "USB Audio Device (2)." This means that I need to plug them in and turn them on in the same order each time, otherwise the assignments get mixed up in programs like Reason and Ableton Live, they don't get recognized, and I have to reconfigure the program and assignments each time.

I have the drivers installed for both controllers, and they work fine in any program I use; the problem is just that they don't have unique names in Windows.

I feel like there has to be a way in Control Panel or Device Manager or something to change the name of one or both of the devices so that this doesn't happen, but I'm not great with computers and can't find where I could do this.

Anybody have any ideas? I feel like this probably isn't a difficult problem, but I'm not really sure how to really go about solving it.

Thanks in advance!

So I solved it!

For some reason, even though the drivers were installed, Windows didn't update the drivers and it was using the generic plug n' play drivers the whole time. I went to "Update Drivers" and chose the real drivers that were already installed from a list. Sorry if I wasted any valuable board space on this one!

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