I have a m305crv laptop that is dead and wont boot. I have heard that these units have some problems with the dc link or something like that. I am wondering if this could be it. When plugged in i have no lights, wont do anything with the power button, and the battery does not charge. I have replaced the bios battery and confirmed the ac adapter is working. I do not have another unit to charge the battery to test if it will boot from battery. The voltage regulation circuit on the board is probably bad but I dont know how to confirm this. I would love to find a single component on the mainboard and replace it, but can find no information for the board. So i guess I just have 2 questions:

1)Are there any suggestions out there to help me confirm it is a bad motherboard.
2)Does anyone know if there is a troubleshooting guide for component lvl diagnostics for a m305crv.

Offhand, it sounds like you hit the nail on the head.

The only real way to test it is to remove all devices like optical drives, hard drives, memory, batteries, and MiniPCI cards from the unit, and then attempt to power it up. This ensures none of those devices are causing the issue.

Chances are, this won't do anything, though. Your best bet is probably just to replace the whole motherboard, as you could run up and down tons of circuits with a circuit tester, and never find the right thing to replace on the board.