My problem is similar to many problems in this forum.
My system will not boot or beep with my X800 pro in.

I'm building
Gigabyte GA-K8NXP-9 mainboard
3000+ Athlon64
X800 pro 256MB PCI-E

I have decided the VGA card is most likely at fault since i can boot the system fine with a PCI graphics card i dug up.
The only other thing is my motherboards PCI-E 16x slot may be broken.

I just wanted to be sure;
Does anyone know of a alternative cause for this,
Thanks in advance.

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My PSU is an Allied 350W ATX12V v1.3 (AL-C350ATX)

Does anyone know if PCI-E 16x slots require ATX12V v2 PSUs
Some sites say this mainboard does require ATX12V v2.0
however gigabyte's site is not one of them (as far as i can see)

Can anyone shed a little illumination on this?


Sould have saw that from the model number of the board being that it made from gigabyte have one for a P4 that requires the powersupply that have a 24 pinout. (you need a 24 pin atx ver 2.0 powersupply if you are using the PCI-E the extra 4 pins provided power to the PCI-E slot. Still would use a higher wattage power supply.


Thanks for your reply,

I did try a 550W PSU however it also was v1.3 so I'll try to get hold of a ATX12v v.2

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