I was helping my uncle look for a new computer and since I usually like Dells I decided to check out their site. Seems they aren't selling any core 2 quad systems anymore. I'm wondering why this is? Are the the new core 2 duo systems suppose to be superior to the quads just because they are a little faster? I mean, is 2 cores at 3.2 Ghz that much better than 4 cores at say 2.5 Ghz ?

I'm just wondering, what is the best thing to have hardware wise these days and what I should be looking for. When I got my system two years ago quad core seemed to be the way to go but now I'm not sure what's best out there.

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The more cores the more tasks can be done.

The higher the frequency (generally) the faster the task can be done.

Your intended use and application for your computer will help you decide what is the best processor for you.

If you'll be using new application (which may be multi core enabled) then you'll need multi core otherwise single or dual core will do.

much better you chose Core 2 quad than dore 2 duo...

Yeah, we went with the quad. I'm thinking better multitasking is more important then the slight speed increase.

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