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I have a flash drive of 64 mb Samsung. Last month i formated it using the format utility of its manfacturer CD. And that's it........ its size decreased to 32 mb. I tried my best to recover its size but all in vain.... I tried the format utility of Windows and also disk management tool but no new result...... I think its partition table has been changed......... And very sadly saying i have not seen a partition utility which deals with flash drives............ Is there anybody who can tell me what to do or url of any partition or format utility.


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It would seem to me that one or more of the semiconductor ICs in the drive have become toast.

There's nothing you can do save get a new drive

This happened to me when I formatted a 2 gb consiar flash drive and a 2 gb sd memory card for my camera. I was using them as boot drives for linux. Anyway here is how I fixed them.

1. plug in drive
2. go to control panel
3. Select admin tools
4. Select computer management
5. Select Storage
6. Select Disk management
The window will display all disks including flash drives. Right click on each partition selecting delete partition. Delete any and all partitions on the flash drive
7. uninstall the drive
8. Unplug the drive
9. Restart computer
10. After windows had completely loaded plug the drive back in and windows should prompt you to format it. Do it. In the capacity scroll menu check to see that the drive is back tot its appropriate size.

@ Infinite Space:

My Flash Drive Kingstone 32gb has size decreased to 2gb.

I have same problem with my 32gb flash drive, i tried what you have stated here..
but there, at diskmanagement, when i right click on flash drive, the format option seems off.
what to do now ?

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At about $20 for an 8GB USB, I would simply purchase a new one.

Hi guys please take note of the dates the next time. This thread is already 5 years old. Thanks for your understanding


Is your format for the file system is changed?
I think if you go for a low level formating, your problem can be solved. note that after a low level formating it is advisable to do a normal formatting. all the best

Guys please create a new thread, i know you guys have a lot of brilliant solutions but post it in a new thread!

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Purchasing a new one is the best option as everyone here claims. But just in case you still love your old one and want to stay with it , you better try boot time hard drive partition tools.

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