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Hello everyone!
I just bought new PC with 60GB SSD and 2TB HDD. I use Linux (Mint 12 distribution for PC) and the rest of my family uses Win (7 Home premium x64). I installed Win on SSD, and Linux on a smaller partition on HDD. Unfortunately I cannot boot Linux, Windows boots automatically and when I switch boot order from SSD to HDD i get something like "boot manager is missing, press ctr+alt+del".
If anyone could propose a solution, I would be very grateful.
Best regards :)

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Grub is an easy boot loader that works. I installed a version of linux directly from a CD onto a computer with <xp on it and it made a partition and loaded linux and changed the mbr (master boot record) of windows to GRUB and that then gives the choice at boot up. It may be possible but only more wiser ones than me can tell you how to do that directly rather than the road I trod;

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