Hi guys,

I bought Acronis True Image 9.0 build 3677 a few days ago and I'm having problems.
Trying to create a secure zone and apparently all I did was create 50GB of unallocated space on my hard drive.

Acronis support had me run a chkdsk C: /r. This came up clean and put me at the desktop. I rebooted and got the BSOD with error messages.

Long story short: I cannot boot Windows at all, even in safe mode.

I sent a drive report to Acronis and they said there were file system errors on the C: drive. They asked that I use The Win XP CD to boot from and go to the recovery console to do a repair.

The repair is: chkdsk C: /r.

I went into BIOS and set the boot order so that the PC boots from the CD ROM. With the Win XP CD in the PC, when I turn it on I still get the screen with options to boot in safe mode or various other options which I have already tried.

Apparently the PC is still not booting from the CDROM.

Anyone have any ideas why? I also have a DVDROM and I tried using that to boot from but still no luck.

I know when I changed the settings in BIOS that they took, because I went back in to make sure and the CDROM was set to number 1.

Bad CDROM? would the DVDROM even come into play in this situation?


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Have you ever figured out how to fix the problem?

Hey guys,
If it has a CDROM and a DVDROM you might have to specify which it boots to first. I've run into a similar problem before. It was specifically an MSI motherboard, anyway in the BIOS if it doesn't have the CDROM and DVDROM listed and boot devices you might look around in the BIOS to see if it specifies which it is trying to boot from first. If it does make sure the CDROM is listed.

hi there, i hope this will help you, first load the installer of acronis to the cdrom-> then restart/reboot the pc-> acronis should load then,

now browse the created secure zones_> delete it
then restart your pc_. it should solve the problem

this happens because the secure zone is alot more bigger than that of your entire remaining free space-which causes your pc to refrain from booting winxp, you dont need to reformat your pc .

im not able to boot from hdd r cd . im getting screen as verifying and not geting update success . even im nt able to boot from cd also pls help me

Go into Bios and make sure that hard drive(s) is set to IDE or SATA mode only (whatever type of drive you have installed)

Ensure that the IDE controller/SATA controller are also 'enabled'.

BSOD issues are normally caused by the BIOS trying to use the wrong method to initialise the hard disk (AHCI or RAID will normally 'fail' unless set at initial install of operating system for instance)

The reason the CD boot will also fail is because Windows looks for a hard drive before anything else, if Windows cannot 'see' a hard drive, there is nothing to repair, or no where to install itself!

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