I have a dell inspiron 1526, when you turn it on you can hear the fans going and the lights will all flash one time like on regular start up then then 9 lock stays solid lit and the A lock and down arrow lock flash...

Ive also noticed that when i plug the battery to the laptop, and press the power button it doesnt work (start) at all.. but when i unplug the battery and hit the power button it works

pls help :S

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Seems like a motherboard. Use a spare motherboard from another laptop and see whether does your weird problem occur.

And where would he find the spare motherboard? You realise this is a laptop?

programer. Try removing the laptop battery and then put it back in. Sometimes that can reset a problem.

Sorry about that Crunchie. A faulty battery can cause that problem too. I just forget i had this problem a week ago. WTH

Try doing this first and download this
1) Reset your PSU

1) Reset your PSU

I am unfamiliar with that process. Perhaps you could explain it?

Are you still there jingda?

My mistake once again. Reset the PSU mean taking it out of the computer and put in again but the poster is using a laptop. Why do i keep on mistaking the laptop as a PC:@

me thinks resetting a power supply means, on plugging from the main power source and holding the computers power button in for about 40-60 seconds,it drains power from the psu ,no need to remove it from computer

On desktops though, what does that achieve? Nothing, I am thinking :).

not sure why but way back when it seemed to do something ,that might have been before some many devices were addins ,not onboard, the more i thing about it ,it also removed the power from the motherboard caps and addins card caps ,so everything was shut down completely,what ever ,i don't know !!! lol

The reason you cannot charge is maybe the powerjack on the motherboard is lose. You can take out the laptop case and check whether the powerjack is loose. If you do not know how to do that post back. Reseat your Ram and see whether your laptop can start up as normal.

The quickie troubleshooter's way to determine screen or motherboard is to hook up an external display. If the display comes on...it's the lcd on your laptop. If it doesn't...bye bye video capability on your motherboard. Your battery definitely sounds shot. Since you seem to be having boot issues, it may not be display at all. There is a complete and utter remote possibility that your hard drive or bios may be corrupted, but as I said...really remote. Remove any add-in cards you have, try the first trick to see if you get a screen, then go from there.

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