Well this seems the best place to start...
I have a Gateway GT5622 Desk top computer

My problem started about a month ago, my fan that is seated on the heatsink and the motherboard started to be very loud, i thought that it was getting hot so we cleaned the heat sink and used some new conduent goop (not sure of the name of it) but that was not the problem...
Then my power light started flashing on and off..

when my fan is running fast or very loud my power light is off, and when the fan isnt running the the powerlight is on...

Now I have taken it to two techs the first one thought it might be a bad power supply, so that was changed... No Difference still the same

then the thought was that the onboard video card was acting up so we got a Nvidia Gforce video card everything seemed to be fine for about 2 days after we put in the video card ... No Difference still the same

We made sure that all of the drivers were up to date

I have ran all kinda of checks on my computer and it says that everything is fine, we even reinstalled windows vista on it nothing at all has changed Please help me out both computer techs are confussed and are not sure why this is happening

This is my last resort to ask my guys before I have to try and replace my motherboard and the processor and I dont want to do that if I dont have to

Thank you in advance for any input given

Thank you I will try these things and see how everything goes

According to you, you've already checked the power supply and the video card, even cleaning the heat sink fan. Have you check the processor and memory..if so, then i would conclude that your motherboard seems to be the problem and needs to be replaced. considering those loud noise and flashing light that you've encountered..

Before you go to the expense of replacing your motherboard, why not try replacing the fan. (If you are brave, you can try opening it up, cleaning out the shaft and repacking it with grease). Neither the mobo nor the heat sink are producing noise--only the fan can do that. If you get your fan to be silent, and you say that all your systems check out as okay, why change what isn't at fault? I don't know enough to properly explain the on/off of the power light when the fan isn't/is making noise, but it could be due to a re-direction of the current when that fan is draining more than its intended share of electricity. I really think your best bet would be just to replace the fan.

Make sure your PSU is at least 500 Watt.

I am having the same problems. I took the computer back to Best Buy, but they couldnt duplicate the problem. So I went out and purchased a new mouse, new power cable and like usual the problem never went away. I noticed when best buy tested my cpu, they hooked up all usb cables. Maybe thats my problem, my monitor isnt hooked up with a usb. Do you still have the problem? What did you do to make it go away? Any help would be appreciated.

what is the wattage or amps for your power supply unit

I know this tread is old and the one having the problem has moved on but did anyone or has anyone figured this problem out. I have the same computer and the same issue. I replaced the fan and heat sink and still have the same problem. I figure it has to be the Cpu or the Motherboard but a 3 year old computer is not worth replacing them. Any thoughts would be helpful.

When you replaced the heat sink, did you apply heat transfer cream? It makes a difference an might solve your problem.

What efmesch mean in other words is thermal paste. Is there any beep codes or error message when you start up or the display is just blank?

jingda. Thanks for your correction--the term was "on the tip of my tongue" but just wouldn't come out right.

no error messages, after running for about 10 minutes the computer will freeze and you have to do a hard shutdown. I immediately boot to cmos and the temperatures will be high -90c

By the way when I purchased the new heatsink and fan it had thermal paste already on it. I used that but after it still heated again I removed it and cleaned both the heatsink and the cpu and reapplied the thermal paste with the same results.

Could you possibly have some program that loads automatically that is overloading the circuits? How about trying to boot in safe mode(keep clicking on F8 while booting, till you get the loading options message) with a minimum of programs loading and see if your problem continues.

I would say that either your motherboard or even worse, your processor is already spoil. Replacing heatsink would do the trick but it failed on your problem.

Check again to be sure...

- Your heatsink need to be reseated properly (most case were always this)
- Reset your BIOS. This will resolve some overclocked issue...

If reseating won't do any good. Then yes your processor is already at it's end. It's time to replace it or buy a new computer altogether...

I will try reseating the heatsink and reseting the bios and let you know if it works. As for running in safe mode I have done that with same results it just took a little longer. The only time that it seemed to help ws when I just booted basic needed to run the system (selective startup) Though it did not freeze when I rebooted and went to setup the temps were still up.

If all else fails it could be a motherboard issue. You might need to replace it.

Just to add my 2 cents, I have the same issue. I just replaced THE heatsink/fan and no help. Where is the thrmister that drives the fan? If its in the CPU, that's surpring it would fail on this model. The issue most likely is the sensor or related hardware are on the motherboard and it is failing. Oh Sell, at least the case Is still good. Also, I Now have a brand nre heatsink.

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