hi felllas and ladies, got a asus a7n8x deluxe motherb board.was trying to install my hitachi deskstar 80gb times 2 drives.was fine up till point after formatting.then for some reason files were missing.i figure i didnt copy all needed files to floppy as floppy was too small.i tried to skip some files but then realised too many were missing.after that i did f4 and deleted drives and recreated them.but now it wont load back into windows page.just goes into this other thing and says error.have i ruined the drives or is there a way to reconfigure and save me brand new drives?reinstalled ide hard drives pc works ok but really need to reinstall sata raid.it was on raid 0 when problems occured after formatting.anyone can help.if so let me know.i`ll give specific error messages to those who can help.it means me putting sata riad drives back on but that no problem.really nedd someone that knows what their doing to help me step by step.i couldnt put drives for sata riad on one floppy as was too small.and couldnt put them on cd as wouldnt accept that either.now in sata raid like i said doesnt give option to go into windows set up but comes up with next interface i dont recognise.deleting drives didnt help.please help.much appreciated.best wishes to all.kepp smiling eh in dark times lol.cheers. :cool:

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Got to the Hitachi site, and download the repair setup that does a low level format. Run that. You will be fine.

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